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12 Mar 2020


I tried using the Post feature in Slack, and found that pasting code is buggy, and that you cannot easily copy a Post from one Slack Space to another. Uglay. Why u so beta, Slack?! 🐞

RC Logr 20200312 092639 - I tried using the Post feature … Rick Cogley

12 Feb 2020


Read about this in the NY Times this AM - Prof Po-Shen Loh has re-introduced an ancient method for solving quadratic equations, which uses parabola symmetry as the key and provides cleaner proofs. Shh, squelch haters by not telling anyone that Babylonia was in present-day Iraq. 🤷‍♂️

RC Logr 20200212 142448 - Read about this in the NY … Rick Cogley

09 Feb 2020


Apple is deprecating «kext» kernel extensions from macOS 10.15.4. Check your /System/Library/Extensions or /Library/Extensions folders and follow up with 3rd-party software makers (think audio, firewall, USB driver, keyboard driver, antivirus). This means stronger security, but less hackability. 🍏

RC Logr 20200209 094156 - Apple is deprecating «kext» … Rick Cogley

08 Jan 2020


If you need to generate a uuid, say for a unique filename, on mac you can do it via the uuidgen utility. Combine it with tr to remove the punctuation, and use pbcopy to slap it on the clipboard if you need. 🆔

 uuidgen | tr -d - | tr -d '\n' | pbcopy 

RC Logr 20200108 111937 - If you need to generate a … Rick Cogley

07 Jan 2020


I used the Simple Event Correlator «SEC» on a past project, and it is still maintained. It helps you monitor event logs using regex to detect fraud or attacks, by assigning meaning to patterns. Deep & interesting. 🔐

RC Logr 20200107 210557 - I used the Simple Event … Rick Cogley

02 Jan 2020

🗓 "New Year Holiday" in Japan


I use the CLI utility «jq» from stedolan a lot to manipulate json, and just bought a helpful Mac app called «jqTerm», from @rem Remy Sharp. 🤓🔥

It is similar to the existing jq playground, but has a pretty comprehensive set of built-in examples that are easy to load and play with, and lets you save your jq examples to the jqterm dot com site for sharing. Sweet!

RC Logr 20200102 161726 - I use the CLI utility «jq» … Rick Cogley

01 Jan 2020

🗓 "New Year Holiday" in Japan


Happy New Year, lovely nerds: may your 2020 be as crash free as possible. Heard of «Zeit»? Seems like an interesting service for static websites. 🤖

RC Logr 20200101 095245 - Happy New Year, lovely nerds: … Rick Cogley

31 Dec 2019

🗓 "Year End Holiday" in Japan


There are about 31,557,600 seconds in a year, with about 16,500 of those left in this year, in Japan anyway. May everyone have a peaceful and prosperous 2020! 🎍

RC Logr 20191231 191950 - There are about 31,557,600 … Rick Cogley

27 Dec 2019


Demolishing a 60-year old wooden house requires a team of 3 people 4 weeks, a backhoe, and diligence to keep grandma out of the demo site! 🚧

RC Logr 20191227 170048 - Demolishing a 60-year old … Rick Cogley

09 Dec 2019


My «Pinebook Pro» came finally. It is a $200 linux/BSD laptop with great specs for the money: 64-bit ARM CPU, 14in IPS 1080p panel, 64GB eMMC, USB-C, Mg body, privacy switches. And a decent keyboard! 🔥💻

RC Logr 20191209 095404 - My «Pinebook Pro» came … Rick Cogley

08 Dec 2019


Looking at task management apps lately, I noticed that many have a wiki-like trust of users in the original sense of a wiki, in that they allow most roles to delete anything. 🤷‍♂️

By the way I am finally done with all the house planning. It has been a real ordeal!

RC Logr 20191208 191442 - Looking at task management … Rick Cogley

02 Oct 2019


If you need to test webhooks, just make a PostBin for it. You get a unique URL to post to, and you can easily see what the payload content is by entering the proffered URL as the webhook URL. Then you trigger your webhook, and you’ll see the payload show up in the web UI. Slick. 😍

RC Logr 20191002 201759 - If you need to test webhooks, … Rick Cogley

01 Oct 2019


Today is the 1st of Oct, which marks the increase of VAT tax from 8% to 10% (an easier calculation, at least), and the end of the Japan «pocketbell» pager network. 🇯🇵🗣 In the 90s, you could (and droves of Japanese High School girls did) make use of the interesting «goroawase» or number play system in Japanese right from your pokeberu.

Here are some examples:

  • 4649 Yoroshiku (Thank you in advance)
  • 33414 Samishiiyo (I am lonely)
  • 39 or 999 Sankyu (Thank you)
  • 0906 Okureru (Will be late)
  • 0840 Ohayo (Good morning)

RC Logr 20191001 100653 - Today is the 1st of Oct, which … Rick Cogley

30 Sep 2019


I usually use the static site generator called Hugo, but I am interested in this SSG called «elm-pages», which is a smart collection of elm scripts with sane defaults for site generation. 🤖

RC Logr 20190930 083359 - I usually use the static site … Rick Cogley

29 Aug 2019


Will try a «Pinebook Pro», a $200 linux laptop with a 14 inch IPS 1080p panel, magnesium body and decent specs, and even has privacy switches. Nifty. 💻

RC Logr 20190829 152813 - Will try a «Pinebook Pro», a … Rick Cogley

06 Aug 2019


Learned about «Typeform» for forms and surveys for the people. Easy to use, and works with keyboard shortcuts, which is always nice. ✅

RC Logr 20190806 155623 - Learned about «Typeform» for … Rick Cogley

05 Aug 2019


Here we are in August in Japan, and the heat is here with a vengeance. To top it off, the building has replaced our restroom lights with LED ones, which burn with the LIGHT OF 1000 SUNS. 🔆

The site color palette was selected thinking of blue «月草 tsukikusa», or the asiatic dayflower, and as always I am using Hugo Pipes to automatically generate the css from sass code with color variables that define the color palette for the month.

{{ else if eq $mnth "July" }}
$textHilite: #327997 !default;
$codeBgColor: #f6eae5 !default;
$one: #975032 !default;
$two: #bd643f !default;
$three: #629A59 !default;
$four: #21120b !default;
$topbannerimage: "Cogley-Banner-Bletchley_Park_Bombe_by_Antoine_Taveneaux-1400x450-mono2.jpg";

{{ else if eq $mnth "August" }}
$textHilite: #0399e0 !default;
$codeBgColor: #fde8e0 !default;
$one: #1D90C6 !default;
$two: #4E7EA6 !default;
$three: #F7B197 !default;
$four: #092c3d !default;
$topbannerimage: "Cogley-Banner-Switch-2.jpg";

RC Logr 20190805 200629 - Here we are in August in … Rick Cogley

30 Jul 2019


Java runtime got upgraded today, and I notice that Oracle will start charging a license fee for non-personal use. Facts are fuzzy and FUD-filled, but Minecraft fans might e.g. look into «OpenJDK»? Anyone got the facts? 💸

RC Logr 20190730 191256 - Java runtime got upgraded … Rick Cogley

25 Jul 2019


Panic «Nova» beta was announced. Yes, it is yet another text editor, but, this is Panic. ❤️ And, they are namedropping @GoHugoIO in their screenshots and showing a remote terminal feature.

RC Logr 20190725 172614 - Panic «Nova» beta was … Rick Cogley


I use straight git from the terminal or SmartGit, but today I learned about git client «Fork.dev», developed by a pair since 2016. Anyone use it? 🤖

RC Logr 20190725 171849 - I use straight git from the … Rick Cogley