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Here be my pithy, short, technical nuggets. Maybe I’m the only one who cares. Who says Hugo can’t be used for microblogging‽

28 Jan 2019


In terms of cables, I like the brand ANKER because their products are sturdy and last well. It’s a bit insulting that Apple makes you buy so many dongles and cables, yet they don’t last.

RC Logr 20190128 205818 - In terms of cables, I like the … Rick Cogley


Successfully compiled and loaded the Arduino firmware with some basic customizations for my Keyboardio Model 01-Q (repo), and created a graphical layout for it.

RC Logr 20190128 195850 - Successfully compiled and … Rick Cogley

26 Jan 2019


Big advantage to a keyboard like the keyboardio Model 01 is, you can chord multiple modifier keys with your thumb.

RC Logr 20190126 182100 - Big advantage to a keyboard … Rick Cogley


Learned something important about keybase’s kbfs system, which is mounted as a fuse drive on macOS at /keybase: you don’t need to do a mkdir to make a shared private folder; rather just cd to it. To share a file with keybase friend heidi, just do cd /keybase/private/youruser,heidi and that folder will magically show up, and you can drop the files to share right in there. Slick! 😍

RC Logr 20190126 104851 - Learned something important … Rick Cogley


For all its benefits, Keybase.io doesn’t support audio or video chat, but Wire does.

RC Logr 20190126 094032 - For all its benefits, … Rick Cogley

25 Jan 2019


Are you aware of keybase.io? They offer various features like encrypted chat, git, shared file storage, a public webpage, but my favorite part is how they are making identity easy. See the links on my keybase profile.

RC Logr 20190125 203756 - Are you aware of keybase.io? … Rick Cogley

24 Jan 2019


For wrist health, I’m trying an ergonomic Model 01 from Keyboardio. So far it’s slowed me down so much, it’s like I cannot even touch type. 😱

RC Logr 20190124 204122 - For wrist health, I’m … Rick Cogley


Did you know you can specify how rsync uses ssh? Set a variable like this:

sshopts="ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no"

Then call it like this:

rsync --verbose --compress --archive --recursive --partial /
--progress --checksum --delete --rsh="$sshopts" public/ /

Bonus tip: target needs a trailing slash!

RC Logr 20190124 195900 - Did you know you can specify … Rick Cogley