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RC Logr 20210211 204411

Thursday, 11 Feb, 2021

🗓 "National Foundation Day" in Japan

So I migrated some production PHP apps to « @FortRabbit » and could not be happier. Great admin dashboard UI UX, dynamic help docs, support, performance. Satisfied all around. 😋

Regarding what I called the dynamic help docs, I am not sure how to describe it, but the commands you see in the help docs have the exact commands you need to run, not generic ones. It is really useful.

For example, FortRabbit have their own git service, from which deploys are made. So normally you need to add a remote to your local repo, if you have been pushing to Github to deploy. Say your app name is cool-app-jp on FortRabbit. Instead of seeing:

git remote add fortrabbit appname@deployurl:reponame.git

… and having to try to assemble the correct string, you see exactly what you need to type:

git remote add fortrabbit cool-app-jp@deploy.us1.frbit.com:cool-app-jp.git

The DC you are in is even represented correctly by the us1. Just copy the line to your terminal and Boom. Love this.

RC Logr 20210211 204411 - So I migrated some production … Rick Cogley
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