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RC Logr 20210121 205751

Thursday, 21 Jan, 2021

Update 202301: Apex unceremoniously closed their services as of end 2022, no email notice (TJ sold it to Era, who got bought by Service Now). I’ve rejiggered everything (purely static and hugo both) to use Deno Deploy, a fantastic service.

If you are not using « Apex up » by @tjholowaychuk to deploy sites or apps to Amazon AWS, you are missing out. It takes away so much of the pain of using the AWS infra, the pro version is worth every penny. 😍🔥

It deploys to lambda, which believe it or not, works a treat for a simple static site. I’m really amazed.

Now I just need to figure out Auth0 integration …

RC Logr 20210121 205751 - Update 202301: Apex … Rick Cogley
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