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RC Logr 20200720 211227

Monday, 20 Jul, 2020

«Zsh for Humans» (z4h by @romkatv on GitHub) is a configuration for z-shell that just works and works well. It has a killer ssh wrapper feature, that lets you auto-push your zsh environment up to a remote server, and is pre-configured with the most useful stuff. So sweet. 😎

That is not to even mention the awesome prompt it includes: powerlevel10k.

Use the ssh wrapper like this:

% z4h ssh myuser@thehost.com

If you are on MacOS, be sure to tweak some settings in your term so the bindings work as expected:

Now you can enter a command like history and before hitting Enter, press Alt-H to show help for that command.

RC Logr 20200720 211227 - «Zsh for Humans» (z4h by … Rick Cogley
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