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RC Logr 20200625 084815

Thursday, 25 Jun, 2020

I connected a new ELECOM WRC-X3000GS broadband router that supports «Wi-fi 6», or IEEE 802.11ax via an Intel WAV600 chipset, with high hopes for 9.6 Gbps goodness. It connected to my Docomo hikari line without any settings (convenient!) but kept dropping the connection. 👺 A call to Elecom support solved it straight away.

The support professional suspected she knew what it was, and had me check the PPP LED on the unit. It was off. She asked if I had entered the ISP credentials and I said no, it just connected. She told me that that kind of connection is kind of a test mode and recommended I check my ISP information again for login information. She directed me where to enter it, and sure enough, once I did that, the unit is stable and fast.

Still, I find it really odd that the installer would not mention this important fact. The Amazon reviews section is full of people grousing about how bad the router is and that it drops its connection, so I bet others are getting hit with this same thing and just giving up.

RC Logr 20200625 084815 - I connected a new ELECOM … Rick Cogley
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