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RC Logr 20200605 083345

Friday, 5 Jun, 2020

I updated MacOS to 10.15.5 yesterday via the combo updater (i.e. the non-delta updater), and my Mac was immediately crash-y, with several freezes in a row. And here I was expecting stability! 🥴

At any rate, I dug out the notes and did an NVRAM / PRAM and SMC reset. TL;DR: that fixed it. (Though admittedly it might just be voodoo-magick thinking)

NVRAM stores settings like your sound volume, display resolution or timezone. Reset it like this:

SMC or System Management Controller controls the power, fans and thermal management, battery, USB, indicators, lid opening and closing and so on. Reset it per Apple Instructions and here’s an subset example for a newish Mac notebook with a T2 chip:

These took a few minutes but, I have not had a crash since I did it.

RC Logr 20200605 083345 - I updated MacOS to 10.15.5 … Rick Cogley
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