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Friday, 20 Mar, 2020

🗓 "Vernal Equinox Day" in Japan

We are not quarantined in Japan (yet), but here is an idea to squelch the boredom: get a radio that can pick up shortwave, and do some BCL or broadcast listening. Last night I heard Beijing news on «Peking Hoso 7220 Khz on 41mb» in Japanese, talking about Coronoavirus and newborn pandas! 🐼

I have a Tecsun S-8800 which is a well-regarded portable radio that will take external antennas if you want them, can receive FM, MW (AM), SW, LW. Tecsun makes the AN-200, an external AM antenna which you can connect with a stereo connector if your radio has an input for that, or (in the case of the S-8000) you just set behind the radio and tune via its knob. It’s pretty amazing and works to improve the sound of AM stations.

Other stuff I learned:

RC Logr 20200320 114100 - We are not quarantined in … Rick Cogley
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