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RC Logr 20190718 175035

Thursday, 18 Jul, 2019

Have you ever heard of a «Pasigraphy», where written symbols refer to concepts rather than words or sounds? ࿊ Examples are emoji or, a symbolic language like Bliss symbols. We sometimes use it to indicate meaning or usage in database fields.

For example, fields used for ordering data might use omega Ω:

Symbol StringMeaningNotes
ΩPPick order.Order of records displayed in a record picker.
Ω☼Calendar order.Order for display on calendar views. Orders within a day.
Ω○Select order.Order for index column item selection.

You can go crazy with it, but, sometimes might drive yourself crazy trying to remember what they mean, if you use it too much.

RC Logr 20190718 175035 - Have you ever heard of a … Rick Cogley
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