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RC Logr 20190413 121627

Saturday, 13 Apr, 2019

Apple iCloud Drive has its place and works well for syncing data for certain apps to «all teh devices», but it really causes trouble sometimes. It especially did not play well with some secure .sparseimage files I had stored in $HOME/Documents on my Mac. 😳

To wit, I was sometimes getting unwanted copies of my secure disk images, and other files under $HOME/iCloud Drive (Archive) or $HOME/Documents - rickmac. To fix I created $HOME/docs, outside the paths iCloud drive targets for syncing, and migrated the files there. Anything that is not needed on my mobile devices is getting chucked in this new folder.

Sync is hard and here are a few commands to aid macOS users in no order:

~ > killall -KILL bird #bird is the sync daemon
~ > killall -KILL Finder
~ > brctl log -w #watch bird log, ctrl-c to exit
~ > rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/CloudDocs
~ > rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.bird

You may need to stop and restart iCloud Drive, or restart the computer.

RC Logr 20190413 121627 - Apple iCloud Drive has its … Rick Cogley
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