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RC Logr 20190401 134646

Monday, 1 Apr, 2019

The new Japan era name is «Reiwa» 令和, the 239th such era, which comprises daily-use kanji rei 令 and wa 和, which could be translated as auspicious or orderly or calm or command, and peace or harmony, respectively. 🇯🇵 A couple of data points about the two characters are as follows:

令 Rei和 Wa
Past Eras Containing020
JIS Code4E614F42
UTF16 Unicode4EE4548C
Old Variant
Taught in Grade34
JLPT Level22

These details come from Jim Breen’s awesome WWWJDIC and Wikipedia. Software people can note also that there is a Perl library Date::Japanese::Era for Japan era conversion, by Twitter user @miyagawa. And the Unicode blog has a post about character code U+32FF, the one-character representation of the new name.

There were a few eras which were only a couple years long and even 1 year or less in the case of the Genji era, but the average for the last four is about 37 years. Will I last another era?! 🙀

RC Logr 20190401 134646 - The new Japan era name is … Rick Cogley
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