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RC Logr 20190310 204554

Sunday, 10 Mar, 2019

«Spring ahead» or daylight saving time has started in North America, and since Japan does not adjust, we are now back to being 13 and 16 hours ahead of Eastern and Pacific time respectively (London changes end of March).

TZ Trivia: Did you know all of China is the same timezone? Far west China, Akto county, by latitude should be 3 hours different from Beijing, but is is the same. India uses one timezone as well. Also, Rudi tells me “Russia spans across 11 timezones, however all trains operated on Moscow time until around August 1st 2018, now they print both local and Moscow time on your tickets.” That’s a lotta time zones. ⏰

Here are some TZ commands:

On macOS:

$ sudo systemsetup -gettimezone
Time Zone: Asia/Tokyo
$ sudo systemsetup -listtimezones
$ sudo systemsetup -settimezone US/Eastern
Set TimeZone: US/Eastern

On Linux, it is different depending on your distro. Sometimes /etc/localtime is a link to a timezone file, so you can delete that file and make a link like ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/country/zone localtime. Or it might be an editable file /etc/timezone, which lists the timezone in the file. Be sure your TZ variable is set as well.

RC Logr 20190310 204554 - «Spring ahead» or daylight … Rick Cogley
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