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RC Logr 20190306 221459

Wednesday, 6 Mar, 2019

I love the typeface «IBM Plex» so much that I re-formatted my Logr site to use it. The official Plex site has a bold, Jan Tschichold vibe, and the faces themselves are unique yet familiar. I love the Selectric-like Mono Italic face, but IBM has made available four subfamilies, 8 weights, both roman and italic styles and 100 languages. Of Plex, IBM says:

When we set out to create a typeface that was unmistakably IBM, our own history was our greatest source of inspiration. IBM has always served as a medium between mankind and machine. Between the natural and the engineered. The emotional and rational. The classic and the cutting-edge. Our most important job is to help humanity and technology move forward together. IBM Plex™ brings these relationships to life through letterforms.

You can download it from here and use it on your computer or as a web font. Thanks IBM! 🔥

RC Logr 20190306 221459 - I love the typeface «IBM Plex» … Rick Cogley
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