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RC Logr 20190305 143751

Tuesday, 5 Mar, 2019

If you are a mechanical keyboard user (and you should be), follow @PFU_HHKB on Twitter, then retweet the pinned tweet I link below for a chance to win a custom lacquered HHKB keyboard! HHKBs Japanese tweet says:

«Thank you for 500,000 units sold retweet campaign! We have passed 50K units sold globally, so as a way to say thanks, we will select one lucky user to receive a custom urushi lacquered HHKB worth 500,000 yen! Follow us, then retweet this tweet.»

Retweet this tweet. 🇯🇵

RC Logr 20190305 143751 - If you are a mechanical … Rick Cogley
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