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08 Mar 2021


Ok, this is nifty. « Dolt is git for data » as their repo says. 😎 A SQL database with git features, Dolt lets you push, pull, clone, branch, merge, do all the git things as well as all the sql things.

There’s even DoltHub, where you can host public data such as this holidays dataset. It has tools like permissions, and a SQL query interface as well. Sweet!

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28 Feb 2021


Github issue comments have long had the ability to auto-upload images just by either drag-and-drop or paste from clipboard, but it has not been possible in regular README markdown files. Until now, that is! 🥳

No longer do you need to resort to hacks, such as dragging an image to some comment, getting its URL and pasting that in your README. Just drag or paste your image in, and voilà!

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27 Feb 2021


SVG Blobs have been a trend in web design, and if you need to make some, you can use « Blobs » from @lokesh_coder or « Blobmaker » from @zcreativelabs. But like other trends, it might eventually feel trite like beveled- or glass-style buttons. 📟

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17 Feb 2021


Devs and sysadmins, have you seen « Shields.io » ? It lets you generate those cool SVG badges to indicate system status and so on, and you can even pull json data. 😋

Twitter: @Shields_io

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15 Feb 2021


Web designers check out « Ipsum Image » which lets you generate placeholder images for your sites, with optional background colors and text. 😎 Generate, then download and use.

For example, the following generates a 1000 x 600 px image with white text showing the dimensions, on a yellow background.


It should be obvious, but the service name «Ipsum» comes from the famous Lorem Ipsum dummy text:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud …



On Twitter, @worksofgenius pointed out Lorem Picsum, which I think is even slicker. Thanks!

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11 Feb 2021

🗓 "National Foundation Day" in Japan


So I migrated some production PHP apps to « @FortRabbit » and could not be happier. Great admin dashboard UI UX, dynamic help docs, support, performance. Satisfied all around. 😋

Regarding what I called the dynamic help docs, I am not sure how to describe it, but the commands you see in the help docs have the exact commands you need to run, not generic ones. It is really useful.

For example, FortRabbit have their own git service, from which deploys are made. So normally you need to add a remote to your local repo, if you have been pushing to Github to deploy. Say your app name is cool-app-jp on FortRabbit. Instead of seeing:

git remote add fortrabbit appname@deployurl:reponame.git

… and having to try to assemble the correct string, you see exactly what you need to type:

git remote add fortrabbit cool-app-jp@deploy.us1.frbit.com:cool-app-jp.git

The DC you are in is even represented correctly by the us1. Just copy the line to your terminal and Boom. Love this.

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07 Feb 2021


Surely you have seen these here and there‽ Thanks go to Katerina Limpitsouni (@NinaLimpi) and Aggelos Gesoulis (@anges244) for creating a truly generous service « @unDraw_co », which lets you customize and download beautiful, free-to-use SVG vector illustrations, matching to your search term and selected color. Wow! 😻

There’s even a plugin for Adobe XD.

unDraw chasing love illustration

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06 Feb 2021


Folks, if you want to explore the so-called Jamstack, « @Stackbit » really has it going on. It supplies a wysiwyg editor layer on top of any static site generator, major headless CMSs or git, and deploys to Netlify. 🤩

Best thing about this: it is tooling, and just works with your own accounts and repos. The paid version gets you definitely-worth-it granular publishing, scheduled publishing, roles and permissions, and more collaborators in the studio editor.

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02 Feb 2021


Goodness, « @FortRabbit » is such a good PHP hosting service (er, rather, PHP as a service). I am stunned. The admin section is beautiful and functional, and so much work obviously went into building it. Really nice job. 😍

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28 Jan 2021


« Phantom Analyzer », from the Fathom Analytics guys (@jackellis @pjrvs @usefathom) is a website to help you find out if websites are doing any spooky tracking on ya! 👻😱🎃 Check it out and just enter a URL.

By the way, if you want a good, anonymous way to track basic analytics, but not invade visitor privacy on your website, look into Fathom for sure!

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25 Jan 2021


If you like puzzle games, 双曲番 Sokyokuban from @alang9g and @jaspervdj is just so, so cool and challenging and math-y. Check it out! 🤯😍

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Updated Logr site to deploy to AWS lamdba using Apex up, via Github Actions. Create a markdown file, enter the text (like this text), git commit and push to master and boom. Works a treat. 🤖

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24 Jan 2021


Looking at modern web hosts like Netlify or Vercel, a smaller provider Aerobatic @aerobaticapp (https://aerobatic.com) is looking more and more attractive. 👍 Authentication and identity is expensive, generally, but if you combine the per-site price of Aerobatic with a lower tier of say, Auth0, you have a really easy and good combination for making a static site private.


That being said, as of Jan 2021 it appears Aerobatic has not tweeted or updated their site since 2018; everything ok?!

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21 Jan 2021


If you are not using « Apex up » by @tjholowaychuk (https://apex.sh) to deploy sites or apps to Amazon AWS, you are missing out. It takes away so much of the pain of using the AWS infra, the pro version is worth every penny. 😍🔥

It deploys to lambda, which believe it or not, works a treat for a simple static site. I’m really amazed.

Now I just need to figure out Auth0 integration …

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17 Jan 2021


MacOS users, perhaps you know you can option-click an icon in the Dock to force quit that app. You can also press Shift while clicking the Apple menu to do the same for the current app. Nifty. 😽

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07 Jan 2021


Two interesting new apps, both keyboard-centric, light and fast: @height_app, @linear_app 😍

https://height.app https://linear.app

Update 17 Jan 2021

  • Linear app is opinionated, and wants you to buy in to their philosophy, which appears to be not quite finished (“cycles” not sprints, etc).
  • Height app is flexible and lets you adjust your workflow how you want.

Kind of like SAP vs Oracle in the ERP world, no?

In any case, either one would be worlds better than Jira, which, in addition to its sister app Confluence, to this day has that good ol' java sluggishness. I mean, those apps are painfully slow, and exist simply because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. Ugh.

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01 Jan 2021

🗓 "New Year Holiday" in Japan


Happy new year! May your 2021 be healthy & extra geeky! 🤖

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29 Dec 2020

🗓 "Year End Holiday" in Japan


MacOS users, if you ever need to reset your Finder, Dock or Menubar, you can issue these commands from Terminal.

killall -KILL Finder
killall -KILL Dock
killall -KILL SystemUIServer

It’s useful sometimes.

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27 Dec 2020


MacOS Big Sur users, if you are having trouble with trackpad gestures, try opening terminal and doing:

 killall -kill Dock

This fixes the problem for me. 🤖

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15 Nov 2020


Devs, if you upgraded to MacOS Big Sur and use brew, you might need to manually uninstall and re-install «CLT» Command Line Tools. It does appear in Software Update, but just updating Xcode there does not do it. 😅

Here are the simple steps you can take in your term:

sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/
sudo xcode-select --install

Once you run the second install line, it will popup a dialog box to agree to and off you go. Go have a coffee, as it is a large download.

N.b.: if you stumbled on this and don’t know what to do, you can run the above in Terminal.app. You can copy paste in the first line, press enter, then because the command uses sudo you’ll need to enter your MacOS login password. The password you enter will still be effective for the second line, which pops up a disclaimer to agree to. When you agree, it will do the needful and reinstall.

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